Pilates Sante

Pilates Sante’s Dance Conditioning program

Pilates for Dancers
Pilates conditioning protects dancers from injury, improves stamina, and enhances dance performance. Pilates Santé offers a program specifically for dancers to improve their strength, flexibility, and technique.
Ariel has over 20 years of professional dance training and experience in multiple dance forms. She studied in New York at the School of American Ballet on a full-tuition scholarship as well as at San Francisco Ballet and Pacific Northwest Ballet, including ballet, modern and jazz, and has been working with pilates as a dancer for 25 years.
Now Ariel is a professional salsa dancer and performs and competes internationally, first with the World Champion team Pretty Boys and Girls and currently with her partner Isidro Corona of Montuno Dance. Ariel is passionate about helping dancers stay healthy and injury-free, and achieve their highest dancing potential.

Dancers’ Pilates Training Program
The first step is a thorough evaluation to assess flexibility, strength, neuromuscular control, and technique. The dancer is then be given an individual program of conditioning exercises plus a supportive home exercise program.
Lack of core strength greatly increases stress on the spine and extremities, increasing the risk for injury. Dancers are educated and trained in all core muscles, as well as hip and ankle strength to decrease stress on the lower extremities and allow the leg and foot to absorb shock.
Neuromuscular training
Dynamic balance and postural alignment is crucial in dance technique. The dancer will be trained by performing dance-specific movements on pilates equipment and unstable surfaces.
Dancers are instructed in the safest and most effective stretching and warm up methods, and instructed on active rest, and gradual return from injury or periods of inactivity.
Contact Ariel Lehaitre M.S., P.T. for more information regarding the dancers program or to schedule an initial evaluation.